Living Big Travel



+ What are the fees for travel design services?

As Travel Designers, we do not rely on commissions from hotels, tour operators, etc. for compensation. That means you’re getting customized advice and unbiased recommendations. Planning fees vary depending on the scope of services requested, trip duration, and group size. Average fees range between $600-$2,500 USD.

+ How do I use a Living Big Travel gift certificate?

Yeah! We’re excited for you. Please contact us, and we’ll work with you on creating just the right adventure that fits you perfectly. Someone wants your dreams to come true, so let’s make that happen in a fun way!

+ Will I need travel insurance for my trip?

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance for all trips. We can provide advice on how and where to get it! Plus, check out our tips here.

+ Will Living Big Travel book my plane tickets?

For liability reasons, we’re not able to book your flights for your trip. But we will do the research, provide recommendations, and guide you through the process of booking to ensure you get the best price and the right flights. We will book many other travel arrangements on your behalf, such as ground transportation, activities, and dining reservations. We will use your credit card information on all bookings. That way you’ll get all the points and miles!

+ What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your trip with Living Big Travel, you will automatically be billed for the time incurred from the date of the last installment payment to the time of cancellation, including any time associated with making cancellations on your behalf. You will also be responsible for following each supplier/vendor’s cancellation and refund policies, found in your booking details.

+ Why are you called “Living Big”?

That’s a question with a big answer! “Living Big” comes from Mary’s mom, who used to say this to her all the time growing up. Whatever Mary was about to embark on, her mom would challenge her to “live big.” It’s become a life mantra. In a nutshell, it means being your authentic self moment-to-moment; following your inner wishes; and being open to inspiration. That said, the great thing about “Living Big” is that it can mean different things to everyone! We are passionate about empowering you to find out how to “live big” on your own terms through new, meaningful experiences. Learn more about our “why.”