Living Big Travel

Solo travel is in our roots.

It’s at the core of living with intention, finding your own place in the world, and discovering things you didn’t know you could do.


And yet it’s nerve wracking to go it alone. The risks can feel scary, and you’re often way outside your comfort zone. Plus, who has time to actually plan a trip that covers the unknowns?

We’ve so been there. We’ll answer all those unknowns. As your “silent” travel partner, we’re here if you need us, and out of your hair when you don’t. So go for it and dream big.


Featured Solo Trip:

IMG-2928 copy2.jpg

Victoria’s solo European adventure


Mary did more than plan my first trip to Europe. She listened to my story and created a journey personalized to my growth and goals. She was a phone call or email away when any travel delay arose, and she was gracious, kind, and fast to reroute when I was inspired to change my plans along the way. I could not have had the life-changing, heart-opening experience I did without Mary and her Living Big team.