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The start of a new chapter...

Living Big Travel has grown so fast that it’s hard to believe we’re now in our 6th year of operation. In this time, we’ve led nearly 400 women on 35 hosted adventures all over the world and designed over 100 personal vacations. It continues to be the honor of my life to build this brand and to be a conduit, cheerleader, and instigator for your travel dreams. #pinchme. But alas, it’s time to start a new chapter for Living Big Travel, and for myself.

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Iceland 2019 - Recap

ICELAND! What a magical country. Majestic views around every corner, thousands of waterfalls, friendly locals, and the hottest tap water you’ve ever encountered (pumped from the hot spring source!). I was lucky enough to spend another week exploring this beautiful country with a pack of hilarious, adventurous and supportive women..

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Switzerland 2019 - Recap

If you’ve been following this company for a while, then you know that Switzerland has a soft spot in my heart. The mountains in this small country take my breath away, and every time I see their mountains its as if I’m seeing them for the very first time…

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Mexico 2019 - Recap

Growing up in the West, taking the occasional trip to Mexico to visit Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan were relatively quick trips to find the sun and sand. But I didn’t make it inland until much later in life, and once I did – I just knew I had to share it with clients….

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Vietnam 2019 - Recap

When you touch down in Vietnam you’re greeted with what can be an overwhelming sensation of flavors, traffic, honking horns, crazy smells and more. But if you’re open to it, you’ll also experience an abundance of kindness from warm people,...

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Canadian Rockies 2018: Recap

The Canadian Rockies are chock-full of beauty and adventure! Between the jagged, ice-capped peaks and the magically colored lakes, there’s no way to avoid the jaw-dropped and wide-eyed look. It was so special to share this amazing adventure with the...

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