Living Big Travel

You guys dream of traveling together

You keep saying you need to plan a group trip to share new memories and your deepen bonds with each other.


But who’s going to “project manage” the group? How can you plan a trip that meets a wide spectrum of abilities and interests? That dream is starting to sound pretty daunting.

Believe it or not, this is what really gets us going. We absolutely LOVE the work (and bit of finesse) it takes to make group travel successful. It’s a win-win!


Featured Group TriP:


Brian & Joan: a family reunion
with 30+ in Sunriver


Mary put together everything we needed for a perfect family gathering of 30 people, babies to young adults coming together in Sunriver, Oregon from several different west coast cities. She found just the right sized homes on the same street, had a caterer deliver a steaming hot dinner for the first night. She set up and organized activities for all ages for a week, taking into consideration logistics, parking, how many cars we might needed, items to bring and meals, if needed. She covered so many details, and it made all the difference for a very successful gathering.