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whether it’s for your honeymoon, babymoon, anniversary, or just because. You want to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


That’s all out the window when you’re stressed about planning or run into a travel snafu en route.

Eliminate stress and snafus! We’ve got this. We’ll make sure you and your honey have an amazing time that’s as unique as you are.


Featured Couple Trip:


David & Aviva: Vietnam


In the fall of 2018, my wife and I decided to visit Cambodia & Vietnam in early 2019. We were referred to Mary by a friend of ours who raved about Mary’s service on her own trip to Thailand. To this point, we had always planned & booked all our own global travel, and had never used a service like LBT before—but we knew little about SE Asia so wanted a real expert to help us. We soon came to appreciate, first-hand, the excellent service Mary provided.

The Cambodia segment of our trip was largely arranged by a workgroup we were traveling with, but Mary was solely in charge of our entire Vietnam experience, and all travel. Mary started with determining our budget and priorities by interviewing us and presenting options. She then put together an itinerary that reflected our choices, informed by her direct expert experience with various properties, restaurants, and local service providers. Our trip, through Hoi An, Ha Long Bay, and Hanoi, was exceptional. The fee Mary charged was modest for the trip budget and overall service we received—which completely freed us to simply ‘show up’ and enjoy everything Mary laid out for us. I would not hesitate to hire Mary again and recommend her enthusiastically.