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"Do I need a Visa?" + answers to other common travel questions


Do I need a Visa to visit Iceland?
How long does my U.S. Passport need to be valid to enter Iceland?
How many blank pages do I need in my U.S. Passport to enter Iceland?
Are any vaccines required before a visit to Iceland?
Where is the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Iceland?
What are the limits on how much currency I can bring into Iceland?
Are there any special rules and/or local laws I should be aware of?

These are just a few of the dozens and dozens of questions answered, and organized by country, on one of my favorite travel websites. The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs maintains a robust website full of valuable information that every traveler should reference before their next trip outside the U.S.

In addition to information on securing or renewing a U.S. Passport (more on that in a future post) my favorite feature is their country-specific profile pages. Here you can see at a glance, but with links out to additional information, the most relevant information to travelers, such as the questions listed at the top of this post.

Click here to view the country-specific pages, and view a sample page below.


Happy safe, healthy and informed traveling, my friends!

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