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The 101: finding great restaurants on the road

If you’re like me, when you’re traveling you want to eat great food. I mean, who doesn’t? But if you want to find the realllllllly great spots, you need to put in the time and do your research. Here are my top five tips for scouting the local restaurant scene:

  1. Ask your concierge, or AirB&B host, to share 3-4 restaurant recommendations in a few categories: restaurants for first-time visitors, restaurants that excel in the local specialty, and new restaurant openings.

  2. I often google “new restaurants Paris” (or fill in the blank with the city you’re visiting) to see what shows up in local publications, blogs, etc.

  3. Make friends along the way (i.e. at your hotel’s breakfast room, on tours, on the train, etc.) and ask if they’ve had any great meals on their trip.

  4. Research local food halls and farmers markets to connect with local makers and farmers. Don’t worry about the language barrier; use your eyes and nose to guide your tasting, and have a few key phrases in your back pocket, such as “may I taste?” “can I buy?”

  5. In general, just avoid restaurants steps from iconic location (they’re not really incentivized to get your repeat business)and restaurants that have plastic food on display.


Rest assured, if you’re joining for a Living Big Hosted Adventure, or working with Living Big on a Travel Design project, the restaurants we dine at are thoroughly vetted, tested and retested. You’re welcome 

Cheer’s to travel, adventure and all the delicious meals you can eat along the way!

Living Big Founder + Chief Adventurer and Travel Designer