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The 101: what's in your carry-on bag during a long-haul flight?

On a recent trip to Thailand I asked the women on the trip to tell me what item they traveled with, on their way to Thailand, that is their MUST HAVE ITEM for long-haul flights. Here’s what they had to say!

  • An Emergency packet; take one to give your immune system a boost!

  • Wireless headphones (and it’s worth it to spring for the good ones!)

  • Water —- hydrate like it’s your JOB!

  • Entertainment: on a recent flight the entertainment system was down, so having your own books, movies, games, podcasts, etc. pre-downloaded is key!

  • Gum you can chew to relieve some of the pressure in your ears as the plane ascends and descends.

  • Lotion to keep your skin moist. The circulated air on planes sucks up all the moisture in the air!

  • Body wipes and a travel toothbrush; a little freshen up can make a world of difference!

  • Bring your chargers (phone, iPad, etc.) Sometimes there are outlets at your seat (full outlets or USB outlets) but if not, and you need to charge during a layover, consider what type of outlet is used in the country you’re layover’ing in so you have the correct converter or adapter handy.

  • If you take your shoes off on a plane, have small slippers handy you can use if you need to get up and use the restroom.

  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks. Keep food handy that you know you can eat if you sleep through the meal service!

  • A large scarf, small blanket or down jacket you can use as a pillow and to keep you warm.

  • Pack a deep tissue massage ball (like this one) to help relieve tension, stress and aches in your hamstrings, back and shoulders, legs and more.

Cheers to more travel, more adventures, and arriving in comfort 

Living Big Founder + Chief Adventurer and Travel Designer