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Canadian Rockies 2018: Recap


The Canadian Rockies are chock-full of beauty and adventure! Between the jagged, ice-capped peaks and the magically colored lakes, there’s no way to avoid the jaw-dropped and wide-eyed look.

It was so special to share this amazing adventure with the lady tribe pictured below. We canoed on the DREAMIEST lake, rafted down class 4 rapids, and hiked straight into the wilderness. We learned some great hiking hacks from local guides, safety tips in case we met a bear (we didn’t, thank goodness!) and, my favorite of all, we totally unplugged for 3 days! It was a trip full of personal growth (for all of us!) and I’m so proud of each one of these women for conquering the Skoki trail!

Peak into the fun we had through the pictures below!

Cheers to adventure,

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