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Crab + Yurt'ing 2016: Recap


Ya know it takes a special kind of person to raise their hand and say “HECK YES I WANT TO STAY IN A YURT ON THE OREGON COAST, IN THE FALL (I.E. RAIN/STORMS ARE HIGHLY LIKELY) WITH OTHER WOMEN I DON’T YET KNOW, WAKE UP SUPER EARLY TO GET ON A CRAB BOAT IN THE DARK, TO GET SALTY WET AS THE BOAT NAVIGATES THE SWELLS, TO HAUL UP HEAVY CRAB POTS, TO CLEAN CRAB AND THEN ENJOY OUR BOUNTY IN THE COZY 300 SF COMFORT OF A YURT WITH 9 OTHER PEOPLE.” But ya know what —- nine women were crazy/lucky/adventurous to do just that. And I am so excited they said yes, because it was a crazy/lucky/adventure filled grand time. So fun —- like I’m already scheming on doing this again in 2017, 2018, 2019 + beyond.


Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from the weekend adventure!