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On traveling WITH yourself...


I love traveling on my own. I love spending time with my BFF (me!) to think through big life questions, to stroll a new street without an agenda, to make new friends in unlikely places, and to let travel do what it does best – to teach + inspire me. Heck, I love it so much that I built a business around the idea! So suffice it to say: I’m a BIG fan of solo travel. 

But I also know that the thought of setting out on a solo adventure is about as scary as it gets for some people. But if you’re open to working through that wall of fear/anxiety/nerves to make an adventure happen, we’re pretty darn confident you’ll be glad you did! Here are a few tips, and some things to think about, if you’re contemplating an adventure ‘with’ yourself:

  • DON’T FORGET: you get to decide what the experience looks like, and just how far you stretch your comfort zone on your first solo adventure. This could be…

    • Spending 1 week in a foreign city without set plans each day.

    • Getting on the airplane solo, but joining a tour, workshop, or pre-scheduled experiences when you arrive.

    • Spending a few nights in a hostel or renting a private room in an AirB&B so you get comfortable interacting with new people.

  • If safety is your main concern, think about ways to isolate your concerns. Such as…

    • Pre-schedule evening plans, such as cooking classes, pub crawls, theater tickets, etc. that put you in a group setting, and look for experiences that include transportation.

    • Make plans to connect each day with someone at home. This might give you (and family at home!) peace of mind.

    • Tell someone at your hotel, hostel or B&B where you’re heading and what time they should expect you back. They’ll have your back!

    • Don’t leave your street smarts at home! Exercise the same caution when you travel. Don’t flaunt your cash, be mindful of your surroundings, walk in well lit areas at night, etc.

  • If spending time alone is what you’re worried about, find ways to proactively seek a community, such as:

    • Stay in a hostel. They’re always full of fun independent travelers, and generally offer activities that guests can opt-into.

    • Join a class/workshop/tour with a high amount of inclusivity, including evening meals.

    • Snag a seat at the bar and strike up a conversation with the bartender.

    • But take it from us: if you’re open and curious, it’s hard to be alone!)

Go ahead, and give it a try. We promise there will be growth on the other side of the effort!