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Switzerland 2017 - Recap


What can I say? Switzerland is my spirit animal; it just gets me. 

I’ve been to Switzerland a number of times now — including two trips I’ve hosted for small groups of women — and nothing about Switzerland gets old. It’s the mountains, fresh air, warm people, access to amazing hiking and tasty food that just keep me coming back over and over and over.

The 2017 Living Big adventure to Switzerland in June was no exception. There was a major BONUS involved, however, and that’s the company of a pretty darn amazing group of women who joined from Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and a few small cities in between to share this experience with a group of likeminded women.

Enjoy the photo roundup below, but know that the real magic of this adventure, as with all travel, is in the memories, inside jokes, stories, laughter, sense and accomplishment and more that exist between each of these photos.

Until next time, Switzerland!

Living Big Founder + Chief Adventurer and Travel Designer