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The start of a new chapter...


Living Big Travel has grown so fast that it’s hard to believe we’re now in our 6th year of operation. In this time, we’ve led nearly 400 women on 35 hosted adventures all over the world and designed over 100 personal vacations. It continues to be the honor of my life to build this brand and to be a conduit, cheerleader, and instigator for your travel dreams. #pinchme. But alas, it’s time to start a new chapter for Living Big Travel, and for myself.

When I first started Living Big Travel the business concept was the manifestation of what it meant for me to be ‘living big,’ but as my life has evolved since then, so too has my definition of what it means for me to be ‘living big.’ Today my definition is still about finding ways to support women and their ambitions to travel and see the world, but also about simultaneously cultivating my own community at home, starting a family and slowing down. To honor this new definition of what it means for me to ‘live big,’ and continue to find valuable and creative ways to meet your needs as travelers - it’s time to evolve Living Big Travel.

Here’s what that means:

  • As we seek to realign our focus, 2019 will be the last year we offer Hosted Adventures in its current model. Starting in 2020 we’ll be focusing our energies on developing and testing new models for bringing you Hosted Adventures, 2.0! But sneak peek: we’re considering adventures that take you and your loved ones on epic adventures, including trips for women which will invite you to slow down and reflect, that allow you to serve others, and climber higher mountains all with the aim of expanding our menu of trips that meet varying interests, styles and more! I’d love your feedback on the ideas we’re exploring. Survey (and invites to join on beta adventures!) coming soon!

  • During this time we’re going to continue offering custom Travel Design services that will help you check destinations and travel experiences off your wish list. In fact, the last few years this part of our work has grown exponentially as we’ve helped dozens and dozens of families, couples, friends and solo traveler bring their travel dreams to life, and we’d love to help you do the same!

  • This year we’re rolling out B2B Travel Design to support businesses and fellow #bossladies bring retreats, offsite meetings, incentive trips and other experiences to life.

Thank you to ALL the amazing women who have supported me, this dream, and this business from day one and over the years. Traveling with you has been a dream come true. While I know this is definitely a big change, I also know you’ll understand the importance of transformation, of honoring self, and having faith that the evolution of Living Big Travel is happening with you in mind.

Cheers to continuing to ‘live big’ - and XOXO