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Peru 2019 - Recap

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This has been a tough recap to compose, mainly because it’s hard to find the words that capture an experience that’s JUST THIS BIG.

This group of 11 women arrived in Cusco for a few days of exploring, learning, tasting, dancing (i.e. our accidental dance party) shopping and laughing (all at 11,200 feet!) and then made our way to the Sacred Valley to dive deeper into our quest to learn more about the Incan civilization. Here their ingenuity is on full display in the architecture of the ruins, the circular terraces of Moray - believed to be used as a lab to experiment growing crops at different temperatures, agricultures and soil types, the salt mines of Marais and more. We had an amazing visit with local weavers, including a rockstar welcome in one small community - it was heartwarming, so kind and really incredible.

After a few days at high altitude we made our way to KM 82 to start the Inca Trail - a challenging 4 day trek/3 night camping trip that ended at Machu Picchu. It was tough, at one point reaching nearly 14,000 feet elevation (at the top of ‘Super Sexy Woman Summit’) and over ancient stone paths and stairs. But it was also so incredible; incredible to see every woman in the group push their limits, struggle and then thrive, laugh through the discomfort and find joy in their achievement. It’s definitely an experience I’ll always remember.

To my gang of Llamacitas, so much XOXOX to you. I’m honored that I was able to share this experience with you, and join you for such an incredible accomplishment. And to our partners at First Step Expeditions - thank you for your leadership, amazing support, laughter and amazing meals (seriously, the fanciest food I’ve ever had camping!)

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PS: a few inside joke reminders to my fellow Llamacitas:

  • Cheers to flushing toilets

  • Paddington, I heart you

  • I hope Roger’s music disease is cured soon

  • Amy, happy berthday

  • Don’t forget the #tentviews