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Enjoy homestyle "take out" on your next flight


There are few things worse than stepping off an airplane hangry (you read that right…”hangry” is intense hunger that leads to anger.)

Having a grumbly belly from that strange burger wrapped in foil you ate on the plane or the cheese and cracker plate you quickly inhaled only to read “made with gouda-like flavors” on the cheese package as the flight attendant took away the empty cheese tray. Woof. After years of business and personal travel, especially with long flights, I’ve learned that the best way to avoid this sticky situation is to bring food from home.

Five tips for packing a flight-ready meal:

  1. I keep empty plastic containers from salsa, hummus, cottage cheese, etc. and use them to take meals with me to the airport.

  2. Pack snacks that your body is used to eating. There is no need to add new food groups (and likely new digestion surprises) while on a flight.

  3. I generally avoid really spicy foods, seafood or foods with strong aromas that might disturb other passengers.

  4. If you’re headed in/out of Portland International Airport, bring an empty water bottle with you, and once you clear security fill-up your bottle at one of the nifty water bottle filling stations you can find in small shops, cafe’s and near water fountains.

  5. Leave foods at home that have a liquid-like substance, i.e yogurt, pudding, jello, etc. It’s hit or miss if these foods qualify as “liquids” and therefore wouldn’t be allowed past security.

Ten ideas for airplane meals and snacks:

  1. Cheese and crackers

  2. Sautéed veggies, meat and rice in a bowl

  3. Granola and fruit (buy milk or yogurt after you clear security)

  4. Salad (buy a packet of dressing after you clear security)

  5. Celery and peanut butter (or really peanut butter with ANYTHING)

  6. Fresh pieces of fruit from home

  7. Sandwich or a wrap

  8. Quinoa salad

  9. Bagel (buy cream cheese packet after you clear security)

  10. Leftovers from dinner last night