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Italy 2018 - RECAP

Ah Italia! How we love your sweet gelato, classical street musicians, delicious food, and incredible sights. The more we saw of you, the more we wanted to see! From the lush rolling hills of Tuscan wine country, to the cobble stoned streets of Florence, and all the way out to the colorful towns of Cinque Terre against that deep blue water, there was nothing we didn’t want to absorb. Along the way, we laughed, chatted, and sipped our cafes and vino together. 

I’m so grateful to have shared this incredible week with 9 adventurous ladies! Already counting down the days to hearing “Buongiorno” again every morning and deciding on gelato flavors every evening. Enjoy some of the photos below from our wonderful week of Italian splendor.

See you again soon, somewhere in the world  

LBT Trip Host