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New York City - 2018 Recap

Ahhh… Autumn in New York; what could be better? The vibrancy of the city will draw you in, rain or shine!  We experienced a bit of both. Our spirits couldn’t be dampened even by the remnants of Hurricane Michael; we were on a mission to experience everything NYC had to offer!

Last week we spent three days and four nights criss-crossing the city – visiting parks, riding the subway, seeing Broadway shows, shopping artisan markets, marveling at the history, experiencing neighborhood after neighborhood and standing in awe at the lights of Broadway. Oh, and eating, did I mention that? The bagels, the pizza, the ethnic cuisine, the cheesecake…  it was culinary nirvana!

Check out some of the best pics of our trip and the adventurous women who took on the city that never sleeps.


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