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Kauai 2018 - Recap


Kathy said it best in her email to me “It feels like that was a dream!”

It’s now been a few weeks since the adventure to Kauai; back to normal life, and our time on Kauai really does feel like it was a dream. My intention was to show the full breadth of beauty Kauai can offer well beyond the walls of a resort, or limited to a honeymoon.

We woke up each morning to the sounds of the ocean, stepped outside our rooms onto the beach to watch the sunrise, and then started each day with relaxation by our pool or on the beach (that was steps from our house!) or set out for an adventure.

We went on hikes, jumped into watering holes, climbed waterfalls, learned to surf, cruised the Na Pali Coast in an amphibious raft, went snorkeling, and had our fair share of poke bowls, fish tacos, acai bowls and fresh juice. We learned about local rituals and customs, made flower crown lei’s, watched the sunrise, sunset and soaked in the beauty of Kauai. Oh and we had dolphins chasing our amphibious raft. While the Moana song was playing. You guys – it was downright magic 

I can’t wait to return! The next adventure to Kauai will likely be in the spring of 2020. If you’d like to request early notification once that trip is open, click here!

Enjoy photos from our magical adventure. For those who were there, it really only scratches the surface, but hopefully it helps bring back the special memories