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Travel Tip: respect your fellow passengers


I know you just want to get on the plane, get in your seat, and get everything settled in your corner of your little home for the next 2, 6, or 12 hours. BUT: please don’t disregard the needs and concerns of others who are sharing space with you. Here are a few tips for how you can respect your fellow passengers by avoiding the common offenses I often see while traveling:

  1. Put your large carry-on bag in a bin near your seat. Do not try to put your bag in the first open bin you see as you walk down the aisle. This creates havoc for everyone, especially as everyone is trying to get off the plane and now has to go up or down the aisle to get their bag.

  2. If I’m on a really long flight, I’ll say to my neighbor “if I need to use the restroom and you’re asleep, is it OK if I tap your shoulder to wake you?” I’ve had people get really freaked out and jumpy when a stranger touches them while sleeping on a plane. While you won’t avoid it if you need to wake someone up, at least you can give them a heads up so it won’t come unexpectedly.

  3. Look for social cues: if your neighbor is looking at their phone, laptop, out the window or reading while you’re talking to them, they probably want quiet time.

  4. If you’re not feeling well, or have a cough, please wear a face mask.

  5. When it comes to food on a plane, strong smells can’t always be avoided, but if possible, try to wait until the cabin crew is offering meals to the entire plane before you eat.

Cheers to travel, flights, and being respectful passengers!

Living Big Founder + Chief Adventurer + Travel Designer