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New Orleans 2018 - Recap

Here’s the thing you need to know about visiting New Orleans: the city is ‘living big’ EVERY DARN DAY! And if you visit, it’s on you to jump into the fun, history, food and just laissez les bons temps rouler (AKA: let the good times roll!)

Well last week: that’s what we did. Nine dynamic-as-heck women joined us for an adventure to New Orleans. We ate SO MUCH FOOD, heard some amazing music (PRESERVATION HALL!) soaked up the history with our new BFF Naif, experienced NOLA on both sides of Canal Street, and inside and out of the French Quarter, made our way to the Bayou to make friends with alligators + walked, talked and laughed our way through the city.

NOLA: you’re a heck of a good time, and we’re already dreaming of our next visit