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Prepping for the worst: identification back-up


I hate to be a ‘debbie-downer’ but if something happens while traveling internationally, and you find yourself without your Passport, credit cards or any form of identification, it can feel like you’re sliding towards rock bottom! While no one plans for these moments, you CAN plan for how prepared you are to handle these moments. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, and plan for before you leave the country:

  • Make a copy of your Passport, drivers license, insurance card (including your travel insurance information) and the front and back of all credit and debit cards you plan to use while traveling. Leave a copy of these documents with someone at home. And then either bring a copy of these documents for yourself (just make sure they’re in the most secure area of your belongings!) scan a copy and email the files to yourself, or snap pictures of the files that you can access on your phone. Having quick access to these items will make replacing them easier.

  • If all your travel documents, flight confirmation, etc. are in your email, then make sure you know how to access your email from a variety of places. For example, if you usually access email on your phone, and your phone stores your login credentials so you don’t have to enter it each time, and your phone goes missing, then make sure you know how to access your email on your hotel computer. This likely includes your email, password and perhaps your Apple ID.

  • If you have other data on your phone that you might need, and your phone goes missing, make sure you have a plan to access backup information. For example, do you have your kids phone numbers? Do you use your phone for mobile banking? If so, and your phone stores your account number and password so you don’t have to enter it each time, make sure you have this info saved elsewhere in case you need to call your bank or access your accounts on another computer.

  • If an Apple device is stolen, make sure you visit You’ll need to enter your Apple ID to view your devices, see where they are (if you’ve previously enabled this in your Settings) and then lock or wipe the device.

  • If you have important prescriptions in a purse or bag that is stolen or delayed, then you’ll need to find a local pharmacy ASAP! Have a copy of your prescriptions handy (either saved in your email, a printed copy with you, a copy with someone at home, etc.) so that you can quickly share it with a local pharmacist.

We’re sending all the good vibes your way that you don’t experience any of this while traveling! But if something bad happens, the prep work you do before the trip will come in handy!